The Rock began as a theological journal mainly for traditional Anglicans who emerged from the St. Louis Congress of 1977, called by "The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen" to gather together those members of The Episcopal Church of America and the Anglican Church of Canada who were determined to maintain the theology and practice of traditional Anglicanism. From this beginning several church bodies emerged. By far the largest is the Traditional Anglican Communion which began in 1990 and now has branches in 15 countries, with approximately 400,000 adherents.
The Rock began 23 years ago. It is published quarterly. by the Publisher and Editor, Father Graeme Mitchell, FSSM of Australia who, from the June 2006 issue, succeeds The Rt. Revd. Robert C. Crawley SSC, the founding Editor who is now a retired bishop of The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. Articles come from a wide range of international friends, contacts, sources and new writers are encouraged but are not guaranteed publication.

It is funded entirely by subscriptions and donations. Your support is solicited, particularly in the early stages of the new editorship, The non-profit society which existed in Canada had to hand over its assets to another non-profit entity in Canada. Thus the new Editor is holding out the begging-bowl. You can subscribe and/or donate on the "subscriptions" page

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